What is the use of visitor management software?

The visitor management software can be installed on an existing personal computer that is already in the receptionist’s office or can be deployed on a self-service kiosk.

Main benefits of visitor management software:

  • Intuitive visitor management reduces the time needed to register new and previously visited visitors
  • Pre-registration of visitors via a Web application that does not require any software installation
  • Eliminate paper for a live application that offers better traceability
  • Setting specific access rights for visitors and total control over physical access to your organization
  • Simplification of visual identification through the assignment of printed badges or paper IDs to visitors
  • Follow-up of visitors’ movements in all installations and validation via live or recorded video.

Visitor Management Task:

Easily accessible in unified security interface, the Visitor Management task enables operators to efficiently register and manage visitors. Because this task is available in the application used to monitor your security environment, your operators no longer need to install and learn to use another visitor management tool.

Secure your organization with Unified Visitor Management, which streamlines their registration, tracking, and associated reporting

Visitor management is an essential access control activity, usually handled using paper cards or guest books that visitors sign at the front desk. The Visitor Management module allows you to modernize your approach, eliminate paper and improve efficiency. Save visitors, assign access rights and track their movements with ease.

visitor management softwares


  • Easy registration of visitors and business partners
  • Notifications (e-mail, SMS) inform you very quickly of the arrival of a visitor
  • PIP integration for rapid evacuation in case of emergency

Label printing:

Once a visitor has registered, a label is printed for identification purposes. Custom labels help you strengthen your corporate identity.


Once registered on the terminal, visitors are included in the PIP, from which an evacuation list can be activated if necessary. This feature significantly improves overall security and helps you demonstrate your sense of responsibility with your business partners.

Two modes to manage your visitors:

Visitor Management Software offers the ability to choose the recording mode. Your visitors will receive an invitation by email, access credentials and acceptance forms of the privacy policy.

The same day as the event, one can choose the means of registration: at the reception or autonomously.

Upon receipt, the operator can perform the following tasks:

  • Scan the identity document;
  • Modify permissions
  • Extend the duration of the visit;
  • Select the badge or pre-registration by the reading device;
  • Print the disposable identifiers;
  • Photograph the guest and print the photo on their badge.

After registration:visitor management software

  • The system alerts the company’s contact;
  • The operator gives the badge with the pre-established permissions;
  • The visitor can participate in the event.

Self Check-in, the autonomous means with which the visitor takes care of the registration just before the event by using the access credentials received by email:

  • QR code
  • Pin code
  • Enter APP

With Self-Check-in, the procedure is faster and more convenient. The visitor has access only to the zones entered in the authorization defined and you can follow all the time his movements in the company.


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