WATS.ca Web Accessibility Testing and Services


Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Keep up to date. Our informative seminars, and practical hands-on courses in building universally accessible web sites can be tailored to the seasoned developer or to content creators and management decision makers.

We have also delivered a wide variety of presentations, seminars and workshops on other web technologies, learning, and the Internet.


Typical subjects for these seminars include:

Training Sessions

We have also developed and delivered training session in web development and Internet technologies. All courses can be customized to your needs, and delivered at your site if necessary. Alternatively, your training could be offsite in a local computer training facility.

All of our web development courses include accessibility and web standards as a common thread throughout. Currently courses delivered include:

We'd be happy to talk to you about speaking engagements, short or long seminars and workshops, or consulting arrangements.