Our diverse experience ensures we are comfortable in most web environments. We are hands on developers; we deliver more than just theory or vague promises. We understand the web!

Listed below are the skills combinations we have used in addition to our consulting expertise to provide value and effective results to our many clients.

  • Markup Languages
    HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, XML/RDF, SMIL
  • Client-Side Technologies
    Cascading Style Sheets
  • Server-Side Technologies
    ColdFusion, PHP
  • Database Integration
  • Multi-Media Development
    Real Audio, Real Video, QuickTime VR, Flash, MP3 development and distribution
  • Graphic Development
    Photoshop, Corel Draw, Fireworks

We are hands on developers; we deliver more than just theory or vague promises. Each member of our team actively pursues emerging trends and development techniques to ensure we are on top of this fast paced, dynamic medium, and it is a philosophy we are very proud to adhere to. We understand the web! Our members have also been recognized as legitimate experts in their areas of expertise, contributing frequently to diverse mailing lists and interest group discussions. Our technical expertise has been further recognized and singled out by leading software developers and consulting firms such as Starling Access Services and Hiawatha Software (HiSoft) for work we have done with these organizations in the past.

We are more than just code crunchers however. Our involvements with both large institutions as well as small and medium sized businesses has provided us the opportunity to be involved in all stages of the planning and development process, either as part of a larger plan, or by developing and implementing a total web strategy for our clients. From developing and implementing privacy policies and user guidelines, to establishing e-business strategies and setting up physical infrastructure, our combined experience of over 20 years allows us to assist our clients in all aspects of their Internet development.

Sharing the knowledge. As a bonus, our educational and communications backgrounds allows us to effectively explain, teach and coach people at a level that they can understand, from the novice to the expert, and it’s an aspect of our work that we particularly enjoy. Find out more in our education section.

  • Web Accessibility Specialist – John Foliot
    John Foliot is an internationally recognized web accessibility specialist, Internet consultant, site developer, and corporate trainer, who has been creating and managing web sites for over 8 years.
  • Web Accessibility Specialist – Catherine Roy
    Catherine Roy has been active in the field of disability issues for the last 15 years. She has worked for and with various organizations on a variety of key issues for persons with disabilities, such as: barrier-free design, health and social services, education and job integration as well as institutional and governmental policies and programs.