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Friday 4 Aug 2006

Next-generation mobile web

Scientists have a launched a new project which seeks to combine web accessibility with cutting-edge mobile phone technologies.


We work with both public and private sector clients to create web sites that are universally accessible, fast, focused and easy to use.

Web Accessibility is not something that you can simply add to a site. It requires the planning, knowledge, and skill to make it an integral part of any web development and design project.

The WATS.ca team has both the skills and experience to meet all your web accessibility and related needs.

Compliancy Testing

Gain expert insight. The principals of WATS.ca who previously delivered extensive technical consulting to the former TBS / WATS Accessibility testing service are now making their expertise available to your organization.

Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Keep up to date. Our informative seminars, and practical hands-on training courses in building universally accessible web sites can be tailored to the seasoned developer or to content creators and management decision makers.

Standards and Strategy Development

Eliminate the guesswork. From site architecture and design, to Privacy policies and authoring guides, a blueprint for your site will save you and your team money, time and frustration.

Resource Library

Save yourself time. Get access to the downloadable tools, utilities, and documentation we use in our development and web accessibility work everyday.