Eliminate the guesswork. From site architecture and design, to Privacy policies and authoring guides, a blueprint for your site will save you and your team money, time and frustration.

Planning and managing a large web site requires experience and knowledge in numerous areas, both technical and non-technical.

Our web and business experience allows us to move quickly to project completion and allows you to concentrate on your job instead of worrying about the web and its related technologies.

Accessibility Consulting

Most organizations ensure that their facilities are accessible via alternative methods by installing items such as wheelchair ramps and lifts. As the growth of the Internet increases, as does the public’s reliance on it as a communications medium, organizations are becoming more aware of Web Accessibility and its implications to their organization.

We work with organizations to integrate Web Accessibility into their overall Accessibility Strategy. These include consulting on items such as:

  • developing Web publishing standards and style guides
  • developing Web Accessibility Policies
  • development of Training Plans
  • analysis of business processes and policies related to Accessibility
  • development of software procurement and use policies as related to Accessibility

We will work with your organization or project stakeholders to determine the best way to integrate accessibility into your business.

Privacy Policies

As the Internet continues to mature, and more and more people look to it as a source not only of information and entertainment, but as a means of connecting with businesses, other individuals and organizations as well as for conducting business or other transactions on-line. Yet, while this technology continues to grow in acceptance, increasingly, users are becoming concerned about issues of personal privacy, identity theft and on-line security, even down to the mundane fact that they are being “spammed” with unsolicited commercial email every time they retrieve their email.

Developing and implementing a proper Privacy Policy is an important part of any web site development project. Technical advances allow you to also advertise and promote your policy to end-users… an increasingly important consideration. The team has both knowledge and experience in e-commerce implementation, SSL(secure socket layer) encryption, digital certificates, and the P3P privacy initiative of the W3C, allowing us to work with your organization in these important security areas.